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Swim with the Sharks and eat them for Lunch

How much money did you lose last week as the Philippine Stock Exchange was falling 5.$ and dropped 278 points?


There was no reason for losing money and stock value. Why? Becaus we has a firm forecast on Friday. May 11th that the PSE would experience a bloodbath in coming week.


Subscribers to the Premium Area of knew exactly what to expect. Don't believe is? Click on the button below to view last week's PSE Strategy Guide to see what our Premium Area subscribers were told before the fall.

Preparing for the currency typhoon

OVER the coming weeks and months, we would have stories recounted to us about the beginning and aftermath of Supertyphoon Yolanda (international code name Haiyan). We have read of the woman who survived by


hanging on to her surfboard, and....


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Wed 3/5/2014 

Thanks! Great Job!

"Its exactly a month since i subscribed to your newsletter, in fact i subscribed mainly because i had a question about cosco, 60% of my port was cosco and i was really getting ready to cut on my position, good thing i made the subscription and you told me cosco might be forming a bottom at 7.5, not only did i recoup most of my losses from cosco, i also made profits on some other issues."


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