Why Trump Will Win

Last week I wrote that one of the reasons that the ‘Duterte’ candidates are winning elections is that they are offering a change to strong individual leadership from the current weak government leadership. This is embodied in the statement “I have control of the situation.

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau runs on the promise, “I will be the Prime Minister of all Canadians”. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says “This time, it’s Modi’s government”.

The fact that people are running away from ‘government’ is going to continue and unless your world view is no longer than “What do you want for Christmas?”, you need to understand what is going on. Your future depends on knowing the dynamics that is affecting politics and eventually global and national economies.

Donald Trump is probably going to be the next US president against all odds as Mayor Duterte will soon be inaugurated President of the Philippines. No, there is absolutely no personal comparison between these two men as much as certain people would like to make except what they represent. That is the rejection of global ‘neo-liberalism’.

In July 1971, the Coca-Cola Company aired a now famous commercial featuring a multicultural collection of teenagers signing “I’d like to buy the world a home, and furnish it with love. I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”.

In August 1971, the US suspended the ability of governments to convert US dollars for gold or any hard asset. Currencies exchange rates from that point on were based on the central banks ‘singing’ in perfect harmony with floating currency rates.

Economic and political disputes between nations were now to be handled by a consensus from a group like the United Nations or the World Trade Organization. ‘Perfect harmony’ meant that the greater good was more important than individual national interests and rights. Globalization meant that businesses have become placeless and almost faceless. Iconic Kikkoman Soy Sauce, first manufactured using its current recipe in 1917 is now made in Japan, the US, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Canada.

Mitt Romney ran for US president in 2012. He is a near-billionaire businessman/politician. But Romney never built anything, as his business was doing global deals with companies through the capital markets. Donald Trump is a billionaire businessman and although global in scope, people can stay at his hotels, play golf on his courses, and rent space in his office buildings.

Trump as US president cannot do anything to turn the tide of neo-liberalism. But the results of global and national ‘neo-liberalism economics’ will turn the tide as first comes the political upheaval and then the economic. The neoliberal economy has become mostly an illusion as have the markets and governments for that matter, by the way we have traditionally understood them to be.

A black America comedian hosts the neo-liberal love fest of the Miss Universe pageant where the first and third world meets. But he can’t properly pronounce Miss Columbia’s name and tweets “I want to apologize to Miss Philippians”. He corrected that tweet an hour later to “Miss Philippines”.

Neo-liberalism is regime change and war in the Middle East to the banks and corporations being the largest political campaign donators worldwide. It will all eventually come to end as the people first change their politicians and then their economies.